Patch Notes

New tanks are in development.

We will notify you when the update schedule is decided.

New strategies will be created with new weapons.

UPDATE 2023-08-21

■ Login

iOS Google login support
Android GooglePlayGames login -> Google login change (automatic conversion)

■ Inventory

Expansion of tank capacity to 300
Add loading screen
★Add search word filter

■ Avatar

Avatar skills that have a counter function to the opponent’s avatar skill will have a small additional effect.

■ Tank

Darknak: Minor corrections to the trajectory of Weapon#2

Trico: Additional indication of the explosion location of all bombs, reduced distance damage + increased basic damage (reduced difficulty)

Octor: Weapon#2 and Weapon-S destroy small ground.

The body height of floating tanks (Mage, Asate, Malite, etc.) is slightly higher. -> Floating tanks take slightly less damage from bombs that stick to the ground and explode (J Frog, Nak, etc.).

■ Achievement

Tank Skin Collection Expert, Master

■ Battle

AI player improvements
Hit effect on player photo when tank is hit

■ Map

Added 5 battle maps

■ Shop

Bottle Spirit Pet Card Pack

■ Pet

D pet activation condition is reduced from 1000 damage to 800 damage.

■ Bug fixes

Totem-related graphic fixes, Map decoration-related graphic fixes
Added battle log to fix bugs

Tank corpse HP bug

UPDATE 2023-07-20

■ Event

Hot Summer Event (8/1~8/15)

■ Battle
Adjustment of event game entry rank

Joker Bigfoot event game change

■ Shop

VegaElite Tank Skin

ACoon Pet Card Pack

UPDATE 2023-06-20

■ Game Mode
Slime Totem Event Game

■ Battle
Slime Totems: Increase in numbers when destroyed.
AI player is improved.
Added shot judgment portal shot

■ Map
3 exclusive maps featuring slime totems

■ Bug fixes

UPDATE 2023-05-25

■ Tank
Photon: Changed the trajectory of weapon 2 and weapon S to be the same
Wolf: Changed the starting point for weapon 1’s guidance to be lower

■ Shop
Crystal Weapon Pet Card Pack

■ Dungeon
Hardmode healing items increased from 15% -> 30%

■ Bug fixes
Fixed bug with falling totems and mines
Weapon change Battle item bug fix

UPDATE 2023-03-30

■ Event
Welcome spring box sales (4/1~4/15)
– [Crystal Jewel]

■ Battle
Automatic camera change: Changed to be simple and motionless
[Black Jewel Piece]
– Allows players to reuse gems.
– Attendance compensation, season compensation from next month

■ Tank
Asate: Change Weapon#1

■ Map
4 new battle maps added
– New battle map featuring block totems

■ Shop
Gear avatar card pack 4

UPDATE 2023-03-09

■ Game
Added 2 new friendly games
New Event Game: 2 Special Armor Attacks

■ Tank
Reduces tank’s base HP by 10
– Bakon(600->590), Keras(600->590), IceStorm(690->680)
Muki Weapon Renewal

■ Map
Added 4 maps for friendly matches

■ Shop
1 Card Pack of new Avatars
2 New Green Jewels: Green DS

■ UI
New Title System: Customizing Tank Spawn Effects (Next Update)
Satellite-related icons in the weapon selector

■ Fixed some bugs