Patch Notes

UPDATE 2024-06-18

UPDATE 2024-05-20

UPDATE 2024-04-11

UPDATE 2024-03-27

UPDATE 2024-03-15

UPDATE 2024-01-25

UPDATE 2023-12-27

■ Tank
The new tanks are now a little easier and more predictable.

Egk: Some trajectories are changed and the bombs jump one more time at the end. S-Weapon are completely changed.
Verk: The forward and backward movement of all missiles has been removed, making it a little easier for players to predict their trajectories.
Highkon: The spacing between all lasers has been slightly reduced. The trajectory of 2-weapon is partially changed.

UPDATE 2023-12-13

■ Tank

You can experience new tanks in [Try This Tank].

Trico’s S weapon explosion pattern has been fixed.

■ Shop

Limited-time one-time black essence products
Neon Theme Set 3

■ Map

Added 3 battle maps

Modified 3 battle maps

UPDATE 2023-10-31

■ Shop

Fire Realm Avatar Card Pack

– New avatar skills that lead to new strategies

■ Bug fixes

Firing control UI bug fix

Sound bug fix

UPDATE 2023-10-17

■ Mini Game

BattleScore Monster

– Destroy monsters with remaining resources to get special Jewels

– If you match the strategy points, the probability of “Perfect” success increases.

■ Event

Halloween Event

– Halloween Tank Skins: Wolf, DarkNak, Keras, Muki, Bakon

– Halloween Avatar Set
– Halloween Battle Map
– Free Halloween Gift

■ Tank

AI player function improvement

Muki: Some changes to the trajectory of Weapon#1


– The first underground bomb of Weapon#2 and Weapon S does not collide with objects (preventing false explosions).

– The tank’s basic HP decreases by 10.

Phoenix: Additional power-up function added for Weapon#2 and Weapon S when the tank’s HP is below 20%

■ Bug fixes

Fixed team weapon battle item trajectory display bug
Fixed an issue where the tank firing animation was interrupted.
Fixed trajectory bug when transforming or summoning at the edge of a whirlwind

New tanks are in development.

We will notify you when the update schedule is decided.

New strategies will be created with new weapons.

UPDATE 2023-08-21

■ Login

iOS Google login support
Android GooglePlayGames login -> Google login change (automatic conversion)

■ Inventory

Expansion of tank capacity to 300
Add loading screen
★Add search word filter

■ Avatar

Avatar skills that have a counter function to the opponent’s avatar skill will have a small additional effect.

■ Tank

Darknak: Minor corrections to the trajectory of Weapon#2

Trico: Additional indication of the explosion location of all bombs, reduced distance damage + increased basic damage (reduced difficulty)

Octor: Weapon#2 and Weapon-S destroy small ground.

The body height of floating tanks (Mage, Asate, Malite, etc.) is slightly higher. -> Floating tanks take slightly less damage from bombs that stick to the ground and explode (J Frog, Nak, etc.).

■ Achievement

Tank Skin Collection Expert, Master

■ Battle

AI player improvements
Hit effect on player photo when tank is hit

■ Map

Added 5 battle maps

■ Shop

Bottle Spirit Pet Card Pack

■ Pet

D pet activation condition is reduced from 1000 damage to 800 damage.

■ Bug fixes

Totem-related graphic fixes, Map decoration-related graphic fixes
Added battle log to fix bugs

Tank corpse HP bug

UPDATE 2023-07-20

■ Event

Hot Summer Event (8/1~8/15)

■ Battle
Adjustment of event game entry rank

Joker Bigfoot event game change

■ Shop

VegaElite Tank Skin

ACoon Pet Card Pack

UPDATE 2023-06-20

■ Game Mode
Slime Totem Event Game

■ Battle
Slime Totems: Increase in numbers when destroyed.
AI player is improved.
Added shot judgment portal shot

■ Map
3 exclusive maps featuring slime totems

■ Bug fixes

UPDATE 2023-05-25

■ Tank
Photon: Changed the trajectory of weapon 2 and weapon S to be the same
Wolf: Changed the starting point for weapon 1’s guidance to be lower

■ Shop
Crystal Weapon Pet Card Pack

■ Dungeon
Hardmode healing items increased from 15% -> 30%

■ Bug fixes
Fixed bug with falling totems and mines
Weapon change Battle item bug fix

UPDATE 2023-03-30

■ Event
Welcome spring box sales (4/1~4/15)
– [Crystal Jewel]

■ Battle
Automatic camera change: Changed to be simple and motionless
[Black Jewel Piece]
– Allows players to reuse gems.
– Attendance compensation, season compensation from next month

■ Tank
Asate: Change Weapon#1

■ Map
4 new battle maps added
– New battle map featuring block totems

■ Shop
Gear avatar card pack 4

UPDATE 2023-03-09

■ Game
Added 2 new friendly games
New Event Game: 2 Special Armor Attacks

■ Tank
Reduces tank’s base HP by 10
– Bakon(600->590), Keras(600->590), IceStorm(690->680)
Muki Weapon Renewal

■ Map
Added 4 maps for friendly matches

■ Shop
1 Card Pack of new Avatars
2 New Green Jewels: Green DS

■ UI
New Title System: Customizing Tank Spawn Effects (Next Update)
Satellite-related icons in the weapon selector

■ Fixed some bugs