GunboundM supports a strategic battle of Battle-Mobiles with various weapons. More than 30 Battle-Mobiles have three unique weapons each.
If your Mobile charge enough S-power, then you can use the third super-power weapon.
What is the type of the tank?
In GunboundM, there are various types of tanks.
Different effects are applied when the attacking tank type and the attacked tank type are different. 
<Machine-type Tank> is strong against <Animal-type Tank> and weak against <Shield-type Tank>. 
<Shield-type Tank> is strong against <Machine-type Tank> and weak against <Animal-type Tank>. 
<Animal-type Tank> is strong against <Shield-type Tank> and weak against <Machine-type Tank>.
<Non-type Tank> has no additional effect against tank with normal attributes.
<Non-type Tank> is strong against tank with Plus(+) attributes. 

1. Attack Power

Displays the tank's offensive ability as a number. Tanks have a variety of weapons and have different effects depending on how they are used.
Shows the amount of damage when using this tank's weapons, relative to other tanks.
* These numbers do not directly represent the actual damage displayed.

2. Explosion Range

Relative to how wide the attack range is from the bomb's detonation point.
Displays the explosive range of these tank weapons relative to other tanks.
* [Explosion Range] and actual [Digging Range] are mostly similar, but may not be exactly the same.
* This number does not represent an exact figure for the actual blast range.

3. Defense

Reduces the damage taken by the tank by a percentage of its defense. 

4. HP

This is an actual number of the maximum health point the tank has.
When the bomb explodes, HP is consumed by the damage, and the tank is destroyed when it falls below 0. 

5. Climbing

This number is a stat that indicates how well this tank climbs hills.
A tank with a higher value can climb even steeper hills. 

6. Accuracy

Shows how accurate the tank can shoot when launching bombs.
All tanks have a slightly different launch angle error when firing a bomb depending on the characteristics of the tank.
A higher value reduces this error.
* This figure has nothing to do with the effect of wind on the bomb. 

7. Turn Time (s)

Tanks can have a longer turn time by this number of seconds.
The turn time is an additional number of seconds added to the turn time set for each game mode. 

8. Bonus Gold (%)

When a player wins a game, they earn additional gold as a reward.
Players will earn bonus gold as a percentage of their base reward gold. 

9. Bonus GP

When a player wins a game, they earn additional GP as a reward.
Players will earn bonus GP by this number. 
Tanks can be divided into 3 categories based on how far off the ground they are.
1. Tanks almost stuck to the ground with caterpillars or small wheels
2. Tanks lifted off the ground by large wheels or large legs.
3. Tanks that float in the air without wheels or legs

Depending on the height of the tank, it may or may not be hit by bombs flying through the air, and the difference in defense against bombs that explode on the ground without colliding with the tank.